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Pangot is famous for wildlife, Bird watching and as Hill Station among tourist. Pangot is a small village, quaint nested in the lake Capital of India - Nainital, Pangot is just a 15 kilometre drive from Nainital. Away from the hustle and bustle of Nainital, Pangot is laid back and a perfect weekend gateway. The drive from Nainital to Pangot through the jungle and narrow hilly roads with some hairpin turns is really worth doing. While driving you will not be surprised to see some rare species of birds. Jungle lore lodge in Pangot is a perfect place to stay amidst thick jungle. You will get up in the morning listening to chirping of different species of migratory birds. There are different cottages named after various birds which present a beautiful view of the mountains. Amongst the cottages Cheer cottage is the best. It is advisable to book the cottages well in advance as the place is frequently visited by bird watchers. There are many trails in Pangot for short trekking/hiking. The trails present beautiful view of the mountains and small hamlets. Do not miss a chance to interact will the villagers they are very simple, welcoming and no dearth of interesting village stories.

While in the jungle Lore lodge be mindful while sitting anywhere as there are many insects like leech, scorpions etc. Overall a must visit place and if you are a bird watcher you can never say NO to this place. 

Accommodation in Pangot

Number of private hotels, resort and homestay accommodation available at Pangot, contact us for best, comfortable and hygienic stay at Pangot.

How to Reach Pangot

Nearest airport is Patnagar airport (PGH) located at 60 kms away and nearest railway station Kathgodam (KGM) is located at 41 kms away from Pangot. Buses and shared taxis are available from Kathgodam and it will take around ½ hrs to an hour. Pangot also can be reached from Nainital (Lake City of India), distance is around 17 kms and it will take around half hour to reach through Snow view point, Kilbury bird sanctuary. Exclusive cars and taxis can be hired from Patnagar airport to reach Pangot.

Best Season to Visit Pangot

Pangot can be visited throughout the year, but best time to visit Pangot is summer (end March to July). Winter season is best for bird watching in Pangot.

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