Pabong Village, an offbeat tourists destination in North Bengal near Kalimpong

Today we will know about this Pabong village, how to go? Where will you stay? Finding Pabong Homestay, Accommodation Cost etc. One of the offbeat places in Kalimpong is Pabong, a small hill village located just 25 km from Kalimpong town and just 3 km by foot from another beautiful, offbeat village Charkhole. 

pabong village

Pabong is a small hill village near Kalimpong, surrounded by mountains. Kanchenjunga can be seen sitting at room/cottage here on a cloudless day. This village is much higher than Kalimpong, hence the mountains around. Not many people live here. Pabong to Lolegaon distance around only 20 km and  Charkhol around 4 km.  

Kanchenjunga is sparkling in the blue sky; few people get to see such a beautiful sight. But that rare sight is easily seen from Pabong throughout the year. Pabong village near Kalimpong, can be an effortless holiday destination for around the year. The natural beauty of this village is the main attraction, on other hand the beauty of Kanchenjunga. Many birds are seen in this village, variety of birds can be seen here along with the natural beauty. If you want, you can also go out to nearby Lolegaon and Charkhol. One can walk around on foot for a whole day on the way to the village.   

Pabong is a mall village, there is a small farm house to stay and spend holidays. So, it is better to book Chitrakot Farm House & Pabong Homestay in advance. There are a total of 7 rooms with 3 beds and 4 beds. It is more convenient if many people go together. The rent is not very high. The room should be booked in advance. It is also accessible by car from Bagdogra.  

Distance from NJP to Pabong is 71 kms. And the distance from Bagdogra is 81 km. Car rental is available from NJP. The cost will be around 3500 – 3800 rupees. It takes three and a half hours to reach Pabong village from NJP.


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